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Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh!

Land of the Monpas where faith moves mountains. Tawang is situated at an elevation of approx 3,048 metres in the northwestern part of the state of Arunachal Pradesh, India. Tawang is the name of a district (an area of about 2,172 square kilometres), Tawang town being the HQ. One needs to get out of the town and wander around the hills to see the real thing. With countless crystal clear lakes, endless lush green valleys covered in vibrant wild flowers and pine trees surrounded by milky white streams and spectacular waterfalls, Tawang offers every form of nature at its best.

The valley begins to work its magic on your mind long before you reach the town. Drive alongside the river through the scenic Dibang valley, snake your way up the Sela Pass, the only high-altitude mountain pass in the world which is motorable, the view from the top is something you will remember for the rest of your life, rightly called ‘Heaven on earth’. Visit Jaswant Garh, a war memorial about a brave Indian soldier who stood against the Chinese troops during the Indo-China war. Get up, close and personal with the majestic Nuranang waterfall in Jang, this waterfall will make you feel tiny, need to see it to feel it (don’t get too close to the waterfall though). Within the town is the Tawang monastery, built in the 17th century whose setting is more beautiful than the town itself, a place which reverberates with the sound of Buddhist prayer chants. The Monastery offers a lot of ancient Buddhist relics, and yes not to forget those apple-cheeked Monpa kids running around in their red-colored monastic robes. Away from the town, enjoy the gorgeous view of Gorichen Peak, a trekkers delight. Take a ride to the Bumla Pass and test your fitness level if you think you’re an adventurer.

That’s not all, there are endless views of breathtaking valleys, streams shrouded among misty pine covered hills and blossoms of red, pink and yellow flowers. We haven’t mentioned the lakes because there are too many, one is named after the Indian actress Madhuri Dixit when they shot the ‘Kyola’ flick there, wonder whether it was summer or winter then Don't Know 



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