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Sangajiji, Arunachal Pradesh!

Sangajiji is in West Kameng district in the state of Arunachal Pradesh. Still a never-heard-of destination for the outsiders its an unexplored paradise. Sangajiji is not the name of a town or a village, its a destination that you need to go and experience it yourself. Situated right at the border of Bhutan there are two routes that will take you to this place, the commonly used route is from Dirang and the lesser known route is from the tiny hamlet, Shergaon. With a four wheel drive you can go and come back within a day on both the routes, lately quite a few people have been taking the trekking routes though.

A little more known place called Nagajiji falls on the route. Both Nagajiji and Sangajiji are pine country, other than a few Monpa tribe settlements its pure wilderness of ceaseless pine trees and various wild flowers. You can get a complete view of the Sela Pass winding its way up towards Tawang, mesmerize yourself in the breathtaking views of the snow covered hills, the last stretch of the Himalayan mountain range. If you love outdoors you can go camping too, there are vast areas of stunning pasturelands.

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