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Rupa – Shergaon, Arunachal Pradesh!

  • west kameng

Far from the pristine green valley of Mechuka, hidden from the misty mountains of Tawang, away from the grasp of the mighty Siang is Rupa, Jigaon and Shergaon, three small hamlets situated next to each other in West Kameng district, Arunachal Pradesh. Home to the Shertukpens (a Bhuddist tribe) the region falls within the last stretches of the Himalayan mountain range before the plains of Assam starts with Bhutan to the west and Tibet to the north.

Easily accessible with decent roads and good connectivity, the place has a charm of its own. Driving from the plains as you leave the heat and the humidity behind, slowly ascend through thick foggy vegetation of wild banana trees and giant ferns till it paves your way to wide open stretches of rocky pine covered hills traversed by narrow bridges over crystal clear streams under clear blue skies. The region is ideal for day-long treks with numerous trails surrounded by several small villages within a few kilometers. With it’s rich climatic conditions, a wide variety of fruits like apples and kiwi fruit grows here. Just driving between the three towns is sheer joy alongside rocky cliffs and the Tenga river flowing beneath. There’s another road through the top of the hills from where one can get many scenic views of the area, the Chillipam Gompa falls on this route.

What will you do there? – it depends on what you like. If you’re an adventurer or a nature lover, take the road less taken, hike a trail on one of the hills or by a river, there’s no shortage of any. Have fun, go on a picnic by the river side, you can indulge in some fishing too. Take a tour of the various fruit orchards or you can just go about the town learning about the people, culture, their way of life, its quite interesting. There’s no fancy hotels or restaurants here, accommodations will have to be arranged prior to your visit.



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