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Mechuka, Arunachal Pradesh!

Mechuka also know as Menchukha is the next big thing in Arunachal Pradesh, India. Known to only a few wanderers, until lately! Mechuka is the perfect picturesque destination, 6000 ft above sea level somewhere in the far north of West Siang district. Home to the Buddhist Memba tribe, Mechuka lies on a plateau of pines, almond trees and never-ending green grass surrounded by snow-capped peaks and the river Siyom which twist and twirls its way through the entire valley, it’s a sight you will cherish for a long time once eyes laid on it.

Mechuka is a small, sleepy town of about 1000 people who go about living a pretty simple life, gets whatever they need from the land. There has been a little influx of people lately so small business establishments are coming up slowly, small shops and restaurants! Accommodation will have to be arranged prior to your visit, if you think you can go there and check into a hotel, most probably you will be spending the night gazing at the stars and if it happens to be winter, you’re done! it’s not like the people are not hospitable, lets just say they like to mind their own business. There’s a Govt. circuit house and a few private lodges, all needs booking in advance. Places to see – stretches of pine trees, carpet of green grasses as far as your eyes can see, rivers and snow covered peaks. That’s right, that is what Mechuka is and that is what all you will need. The Indian army is building an airfield right in the center of the town, maybe you can watch the planes take off and land or take a hike to the Chinese border (we’re not responsible if you don’t come back Grimace ). There’s a place called Dorjeeling (not the one you have in mind) about 4 km from the town, a small settlement of about 5 or 10 houses. If you want to get a little spiritual there’s a Gompa (Buddhist monastery) called  ‘Samtem Yongcha’ atop a hill top overlooking the valley, supposedly one of the oldest Buddhist monasteries.

Trekking and angling around the valley is catching up. The best thing about Mechuka is everything you can do or see is within easy reach. Once there this place will leave you longing to go back. So what are you waiting for?



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