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Along, Arunachal Pradesh!

Headquarter of West Siang district in Arunachal Pradesh, Along also known as ‘Aalo’ is a mid-sized town among thick verdant forest and rivers, some people like to call it the orange town because lot of orange grows here. Along is the typical northeast town, locked by mountains of dense evergreen rainforest, tin-roofed houses, streets filled with colorfully dressed teenagers and markets of fruits, vegetables and exotic dried non-veg stuffs.

The town considered as an educational hub of the state, it also acts as a connecting point to places like ‘Mechuka’, ‘Yingkiong’ and many other places in that part of the state. Apart from attractions like the Museum, Donyi-Polo temple, Kane Wildlife Sanctuary, what pulls you here are the rivers with the town being situated at the confluence of the Siyom and the mighty Siang river. Take a walk across one of the hanging bridge (thrilling but you better watch those steps, takes a bit of getting used to). Go on a picnic, there are countless ideal spots. The rivers are also perfect for rafting but it would need to be organized. You can go angling too with permission from the concerned authority (every stretch of the river is owned by someone or the other so you better think twice before you throw in that line). If you think you’re tough enough to be an adventurer you can go for a trek with a local guide, there are many villages hidden among the dense forest in the mountains (we have heard many interesting stories).

Accommodations shouldn’t be a problem in the town, there are several budget hotels. Transportation will need to be arranged if you plan to get around. Write to us and let us know what you have in mind, we’ll try our best what we can do.



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