Go Travel East

About us



We Are:

Welcome to Go Travel East! We are a travel company based in northeast India. Our company began its journey when two friends met after a long time, traveled across places and basically, had a great time. Overwhelmed with the experience, the duo decided to help others explore the wonders of the northeast.


We Do:

Everything we can think of just to have a little bit of fun, we are always looking for an excuse Grimace  In other words, we explore new destinations, try new experiences and feed our human instinct for curiosity by traversing across unknown lands. While the northeast hidden treasure is gaining popularity we believe there are still a lot of unexplored destinations yet to be discovered, and that’s where we come in, at least we like to think so. From adventure-packed trips to journeys for experiencing exotic tribal culture, from fun-filled packages to laidback leisurely travails – we create customized experiences keeping your preferred travel choices in mind.

We believe that each person has his or her own travel style – hence, we do not like to offer fixed itineraries. Also, we never take you to any place where we’ve not set foot before. Click around and get to know us better. If you are excited about the possibilities of what we do, then don’t hesitate to let us know, we would love to hear your travel aspirations and see how we can help offer you a seamless and memorable experience of the northeast. We hope you enjoy our services as much as we enjoy offering them to you.


Get Set, pack your bags and Go Travel East. Explore the realms of the paradise unknown! Well Done